Scrap Care Charges — watch campaigners’ webinar across England

On 2 June, we were delighted to be part of a Zoom webinar by Inclusion London, with around 100 campaigners against care charges, across London, England and Wales. Watch on YouTube here Claire from WinVisible spoke at around 1:28 into the video, after Tara and Kevin from Hammersmith & Fulham. We’re thrilled that so many … Read more

Social care: our submission to MPs’ inquiry on funding and workforce

Dear friends, Here is our statement sent to the Health and Social Care Select Committee. This is a cross-party committee of MPs which is responsible for scrutinising the work of the Department of Health and Social Care.  They invited people and groups to send views and experiences for their inquiry, Social care: funding and workforce, … Read more

Scrap care charges — no to Dilnot revisited

We’re alarmed as today on the news it was reported that before Coronavirus, the government was in discussions to revive the Dilnot Commission “lifetime cap on charges” for social care.  Which is accompanied by higher taxation of people individually to fund social care.   This is not the answer to the social care crisis. WinVisible and … Read more

COVID-19: WinVisible backs Hammersmith & Fulham’s support of disabled people

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is well-known as the only borough in the whole of England to have free homecare services.  Other resident-friendly policies include no bailiffs to recover debt, universal free school meals for primary-age children and a free meals pilot for secondary-school students.  Meals are provided to all school students, not just low-income families, … Read more

Councillors labelled ‘murderers’ as Greenwich votes to increase adult social care charges

On 29 January, Greenwich Council cabinet decided to charge people £1.6 million more for social care, and make £8m cuts to the free rehabilitation which people coming out of hospital are entitled to get, and other support. Here is the South London Press report by James Twomey.  Plus below, our Kate Brown‘s speech to the Scrutiny Committee … Read more

Social care reform — alarm at Tory proposals

At Prime Minister’s Questions on 15 January, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asked Boris Johnson why the delay on reform of social care addressing the crisis.  Watch video here. What some Conservatives have suggested so far, is even worse than now: A class-biased two-tier system, whereby low-income people continue to get poor-quality care, while those who … Read more

Independent living + living wage for family carers

Here is our submission to the Labour Policy Forum  to the topic, “Health and social care”.  Please comment and like our submission via this link Anyone can make a submission, as an individual or organisation, as a Labour Party member or guest.  The consultation ends today, 30 June.  Women are the majority of disabled people/pensioners reliant on … Read more

Tribute to Debbie Domb

Debbie Domb, a disability rights community campaigner, whose commitment was central in winning free homecare in the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) for thousands of older and disabled people, has died aged 60.  H&F is the only Council in the whole of England to have policy, not to impose charges on us. We … Read more

Disabled people transforming Hammersmith & Fulham policy

The unusual combination of active local people and accountable councillors has made the way for Hammersmith & Fulham to be the only Council in England to abolish homecare charges, abolish bailiffs for debt, get housing estates back from private developers, and set out to change many other things. On 20 June 2018 we were thrilled … Read more

Fighting care charges

Natasha Cox from WinVisible recently spoke out about how care charges have affected her life, in an interview with the Camden New Journal. She is one of the severely disabled people hit by the charges increase which Camden implemented from last October. We were part of a community campaign against this, and supported Carers and … Read more