Memorial action Friday — DAN Disabled People’s Direct Action Network

DAN Memorial Action — press release from DAN: 18/03/2022 Press conference at 14:45 pm Outside department for health and social care. London. Following the release of the BBC docu-drama ‘Then Barbara met Alan”, due to be screened on 21/03/2022 based on the real life formation of the Disabled People’s Direct Action Network (DAN), 14 years … Read more

Breaches of rights under COVID — list by Disability News Service

Disability groups including WinVisible have condemned the government’s breaches of rights under COVID. Reactions here. Here is the full list compiled by DNS: 1 Ministers failed to offer recipients of so-called legacy benefits such as ESA the same £20-a-week benefit increase given to those on universal credit. 2 The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) took … Read more

Bhopal gas survivors demand compensation from Dow for COVID-19 impact

On the night of 2-3 December 1984, in Bhopal, state of Madhya Pradesh, India, a pesticide factory owned by Union Carbide exploded, creating a gas cloud that killed many thousands of people and animals. It caused lung damage, long-term ill-health and shortened the lives of people exposed to the toxic gas and lasting environmental pollution. … Read more

Petition: Please let me see my family before it’s too late!

We’re supporting the petition by Rights for Residents: “Please let me see my family before it’s too late!” On 3 September, women spoke out on the radio (move cursor along to 1:18 or 7:18 am) against care homes refusing them visits against the human rights of residents, including the right to family life. Women described … Read more

Social care: our submission to MPs’ inquiry on funding and workforce

Dear friends, Here is our statement sent to the Health and Social Care Select Committee. This is a cross-party committee of MPs which is responsible for scrutinising the work of the Department of Health and Social Care.  They invited people and groups to send views and experiences for their inquiry, Social care: funding and workforce, … Read more

COVID-19: disability benefit phone assessments to continue?

We’re sharing the 17 June update from our friends at Benefits and Work welfare rights site.  Opinions are by Benefits and Work, we’ve added comments below. “MINISTER REFUSES TO CONFIRM FACE-TO-FACE ASSESSMENT BAN WILL CONTINUE” Mystery surrounds how long telephone assessments for PIP and ESA are to continue after a government minister refused to give … Read more

Food supply — MPs press government to ensure access

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Parliamentary Committee of MPs is investigating COVID-19 and food supply.  They published the submissions from groups and those involved in the food industry, on the Parliament website here. Read WinVisible’s testimony here.  Women describe problems accessing food and we said under lockdown, we also need support services to cook … Read more

Food access under lockdown — our testimony

WinVisible was invited to send evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee of MPs (EFRA) for their inquiry into COVID-19 and food supply focussing on older and disabled people’s access to food. Separately, a legal case against supermarkets is being prepared by Fry Law, click here if you want to join. Our evidence … Read more

“Virus measures threaten the lives of disabled people”

Our letter is out in the Camden New Journal, 24 April 2020, read it here.  And below with links to further info: The reality for disabled people, mainly women, is that the measures against Coronavirus are threatening our lives through starvation, and denial of medical treatment and social care. Most self-isolating sick and disabled people … Read more

Thailand: double harsh reality under COVID-19

Katchakorn Thawisri, Woman Human Rights Defender working on the rights of disabled people, from the Global Campus Chiang Mai Foundation Women with disability/ Women Human Rights Defenders: Double harsh reality in the time of COVID19 Pranom Somwong from Protection International, Thailand (an organisation which supports community activists)  reports on the situation of disabled women in the … Read more