Enabling disabled women of all backgrounds to have a voice

WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities) is a multi-racial grassroots group. We bring together women with various disabilities: polio, sickle cell anaemia, osteo-arthritis, visually impaired, mental distress, cancer . . . from different backgrounds:  asylum seeker, refugee, immigrant and UK-born.

In WinVisible, we meet and support each other, overcome isolation and discrimination, and often win what we are entitled to.

We provide self-help information and advocacy, on benefits and cash help with the cost of living, accessing healthcare, transport and support services, tackle homecare charges and many other problems, and deal with discrimination, including in employment.

Our self-help benefits and cost of living information helps many people to win our disability benefits, defend ourselves against benefit sanctions, Council Tax bills, to know our rights as Council and private tenants, and access our community care rights as disabled asylum seekers and immigrants. 

Being disabled and surviving in an inaccessible and prejudiced world is very hard work.  Many disabled women are mothers and carers for elderly relatives and others in the community, on top of coping with our own disability or ill-health.

We defend disabled women against discrimination of all kinds, including refugees, claimants denied benefits, mums who face having our children taken away because we are seen as ‘unfit’.

Hands holding the Care Act booklet.  Drawing of a wheelchair user mum of colour, she is looking forward and her child stands by her side leaning into her shoulder.

The Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign (DMRC) co-ordinated by WinVisible brings together disabled mothers and other disabled women for the right to have a family and keep our children. We are lobbying Councils to provide the Care Act support which we are entitled to, for our caring responsibilities for children. We are part of the Support Not Separation coalition and participate in the monthly picket of the Central Family Court in Holborn — first Wednesday of every month, in person and online.


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