Current campaigns

We're a multi-racial grassroots group. As disabled women of different backgrounds, we campaign on many issues we're concerned about, with a focus on financial independence, women's safety, winning resources and getting recognition that for us, coping with disability and ill-health is hard work -- so we deserve an income.

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Accessible transport

We’re campaigning for accessible safe transport and street planning, more staff on platforms, on trains and at tube stations.  In 2023, we were part of the successful campaign against ticket office closures with disability and passenger organisations and the RMT union.  We've won improvements on the Freedom Pass regardless of immigration status, and the London Taxicard scheme. Read more

Sarah Leadbetter from National Federation of the Blind UK and wheelchair user Claire from WinVisible, both holding placards which read FOR DISABLED WOMEN'S SAFETY - #KEEP THE GUARD ON THE TRAIN! & WE NEED STAFF! AT TICKET OFFICES AND ON TRAINS For jobs-pay conditions

Against violence and abuse

Shadow image of a woman wheelchair user on a landline telephone. A man is standing across from her in a threatening way.

Disabled women are more at risk of abuse, and report rape more than non-disabled women. We're campaigning for disabled women's safety, against the benefit and care cuts which make us dependent on men who can turn abusive, and against violence and discrimination by the police. Read more 

Benefit rights / guaranteed care income

Many of us are claimants. We're campaigning for our benefit rights as sick and disabled people, women and children. We're against benefit sanctions and the Universal Credit cuts and rules which increase our vulnerability to domestic violence. We support the Global Women’s Strike call for a Care Income for all who care for people and planet. Read more

A multiracial crowd of supporters outside the High Court holding placards and a grey banner headed Deaths due to sanctions and benefit cuts -- with a list of names.

Climate and environment

People in white overalls dressed up as ghost busters. A man in overalls holds the Greenwash Busters banner, making fun of Carbon Capture and Storage claims. They hold hoses up which are attached to their backpacks, and are dancing around. Extinction Rebellion flags are attached above the green banner. A woman wheelchair user holds a placard with nuclear symbol crossed out, Nuclear power is not clean, green or safe!

We're campaigning against climate change and the pollution which harms our health and causes many disabilities. We took part in Extinction Rebellion's "The Big One". We're against fossil fuels and nuclear power -- which is not clean, green or safe. Read more here.

Cost of living - energy bills

We're campaigning against forced prepayment meters and bullying by the energy companies who overcharge us for gas and electricity. Read more here.

Photo of an electricity meter with green key inserted.

COVID-19 Inquiry

Two photos side by side. The National COVID Memorial Wall in London, a plaque surrounded by red and pink hearts. Alongside a photo of a woman's point of view from bed as she is stuck in bed due to no carer. Her commode is next to her bed. There is a noticeboard on the wall.

We're among the disability organisations who successfully got the COVID-19 Inquiry to cover what happened to disabled people/women/of colour during COVID -- which we protested against at the time. We sent evidence to the Inquiry on how the government used emergency measures against us. We support the campaign by bereaved families, including our members. Read more here. 

Disabled asylum seekers’/ immigrants’ rights

WinVisible is asylum-seeking, refugee, immigrant and UK-born women with disabilities together. Some of us fled war, domestic violence, rape and disability persecution. We have the right to seek safety and to be here! We want benefit rights for all (abolish "No Recourse to Public Funds") and the same disability provision and respect which all of us need and want. Read more here.

Disabled women -- both women of colour and white immigrant women -- outside a building at a protest for immigrants' rights. It's raining. People hold banners and placards. An African woman wheelchair user holds her fist in a power salute. WinVisible yellow banner, All African Women's Group mauve banner, Women of Colour in the Global Women's Strike. We have the right to be here!

Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign

Orange banner with white writing. Disabled Mothers' Rights Campaign -- to have and keep our kids.  Drawing based on the wheelchair user symbol.  A mum using a wheelchair lifts her baby up to her face.  They are looking at each other.

The Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign brings disabled mothers together against discrimination by social services and the family courts.  We have the right to start a family and to get support.  We must not be discriminated against just for being disabled, single, LGBTQI+, of colour, immigrant, working class, on benefits, survivors of violence, having grown up in “care” . . .   More info

Independent living and social care

We're campaigning against cuts to social care support services by the government and local councils.  We support the Bristol campaign against being forced into a residential homes if the council says it is cheaper for them than support at home.  We are for independent living, and against making our close relationships into "professionalised" ones. We want support to be free, not have to pay care charges from our disability benefits. Read more here.

Diverse disabled protestors at Greenwich Town Hall. Women hold the WinVisible anner. Six wheelchair users in the foreground. People hold placards saying Scrap Social Care Charges, A tax on disability" and "Care Charges = Violence Against Women". We want free homecare as in Hammersmith & Fulham.

International news

A night procession with hundreds of people. Indian women carry flaming torches and a black banner -- 37 years is too long to wait -- no more waiting. A square drawing of fists in the air.

We share information from other countries. We supported the struggle of women in Bhopal, India against Dow Chemical, for justice, compensation, clean water and a clean-up of the site, since 1984 when the Bhopal gas tragedy happened, the world's worst industrial disaster.