Friday: event outside India House London WC2B 4NA — 8 Sept at 12.30pm

Photo of multi-racial women's demonstration. A woman speaks into a microphone. She holds a placard: G20 Governments: Take away our poverty, not our children. On the right is a woman of colour in a headscarf holding a placard, poverty is not neglect. On the other side, a woman is wearing a placard, Being a disabled mum is not "harm" to children. Across the image is a red strip, #G20GiveOurKidsBack Friday 8 September 12.30pm, India House WC2B 4NA. Support Not Separation logo.

Tomorrow Friday 8 September from 12.30 lunchtime, please join the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign at a Support Not Separation vigil outside the Indian High Commission WC2 4NA, to demand an end to children from the Global South being removed from their families and kept from them by social services in Global North countries. Press Release … Read more

Camden New Journal — report of Charter launch event

A diverse array of people, mainly women, in a meeting hall, some seated at the front, are smiling and some are making the power salute, in front of the Disabled Mothers' Rights Campaign banner.

Disabled mothers called for an end to the forceful removal of children from parents who are deemed “unfit” to be carers just because they have a disability, writes Frankie Lister-Fell. “If motherhood was inclusive, we wouldn’t be gathered here today”, Kelechi Chioba, member of WinVisible, said at a packed out meeting in Kentish Town last … Read more

We launched the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Charter!

Our Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign brings women with disabilities together to defend our rights to have a family and to keep our children.  Easy Read about our campaign is here On 12 July, we launched the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Charter — read our six demands here. To endorse the Charter, contact us at mumsrights@winvisible. org Media … Read more

Disability and maternity — speech at Oxytocin event

On Saturday 13 May 2023, we took part in the Oxytocin Collective Care conference which aims to “bring together art, performance and health care to investigate current debates in birth and motherhood/parenting”. Along with other disabled mothers, Tracey Norton from the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign spoke on the panel “Exploring the experiences of deaf and … Read more

Thurs 23 March — Disabled mothers speak out

A Women’s History Month event with University of East Anglia Students’ Union Thursday 23 March 2023   6pm-7.30pm Disabled mothers speak out about the discrimination and hostility faced by disabled mothers, single and working-class mothers, and mothers of colour, who face an uphill battle to stop social workers and the family courts taking our children from … Read more

Systemic racism and ableism pervades the misogynistic UK adoption industry

Shared from the Canary 2 March 2023 — part two of three reports by Steve Topple — thank you! This is the second in a three-part series looking at adoption in the UK in relation to mothers and caregivers. Part one, which you can read here, looked at how forced adoption is not a thing of the past – … Read more

Protest against state-sanctioned forced adoptions

people stand in front of building with a long red banner with Support not Separation Stop snatching children from mums on it and above it an orange banner with Disabled Mothers' Rights Campaign to have & keep our kidspaign & nans on it

Shared from the Canary 1 March 2023 — part one of three reports by Steve Topple — thank you! A protest just highlighted how adoption is the state-sanctioned, forcible removal of children from marginalised women This is the first in a three-part series looking at adoption in the UK, focusing on marginalised mothers and caregivers.  The … Read more

Disabled mothers speak out

Channel 5 News: 5pm Wed 25 January Dear friends, We’ve been working with Channel 5 News on a feature where disabled mothers speak out about the discrimination we face and our struggle to stop social workers and the family courts taking our children from us. Watch tomorrow Wednesday 25 January, 5pm-6pm. On Channel 5 TV … Read more

Disabled mothers demand our legal right to family support

Hands are holding a copy of the Care Act. A child of colour in jeans and red T-shirt stands with his wheelchair user mum, he is leaning into his mum's shoulder.

The Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign (DMRC) co-ordinated by WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities) brings together disabled mothers and other disabled women for the right to have a family and keep our children.  The DMRC, Inclusion London (the London-wide disability equality organisation) and the Support Not Separation coalition, which WinVisible is part of, have … Read more

“The UK has a forced adoption problem”

Forced adoptions: disabled mum Lisa says her daughter was taken away NOT due to harm while in her care, but on “the possibility of some form of future mental, physical or emotional harm.”

‘ “Many people don’t understand that that’s how children are taken…and it’s not fair—a mother can’t fight that argument because harm has not yet happened,” says Tracey Norton of the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, of which Lisa is part.’