Thurs 23 March — Disabled mothers speak out

University of East Anglia Students Union presents Women's History Month -- Disabled Mothers Speak Out.  Gold letters on a violet background, with a sun design in the  top right corner.  The event title is in light pink on the background colour.

A Women’s History Month event with University of East Anglia Students’ Union

Thursday 23 March 2023   6pm-7.30pm

Disabled mothers speak out about the discrimination and hostility faced by disabled mothers, single and working-class mothers, and mothers of colour, who face an uphill battle to stop social workers and the family courts taking our children from us.

Videos (captions available) + live discussion

Where? In person: Room 6, Union House, University of East Anglia campus, Norwich NR4 7TJ  Book here — student login needed. Map

On Zoom — details below.

People in front of the family court building hold a red banner with Support not Separation stop snatching children from mums and nans.  An orange banner with wheelchair user symbol mum holding baby.  This reads Disabled Mothers' Rights Campaign -- to have & keep our kids.
March 2023 is the sixth anniversary of the monthly picket of the family court, which was launched on 8 March 2017.

The Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, together with the Support Not Separation coalition, worked with Channel 5 News for a feature and research about disabled parents, mostly mothers.  It was broadcast on 25 January 2023. 

We will watch these videos:

  • Channel 5 NewsDisabled mothers’ struggle against discrimination (10 mins)
  • Fighting forced adoption — Jean Eveleigh and Tye aged 19 (47 mins) video
Tye and Jean.  Tye is 19 with light brown long hair bleached blonde halfway down, with piercings and a punk look.  Mum Jean has shoulder-length dark hair and she has red-rimmed glasses.
Jean and her child Tye gave an emotional interview about the forced adoption they suffered.  They reunited after 17 years apart.  Jean says: “Time was stolen from us.”  Tye says: “I could have had her growing up.  I could have had someone that fought for me relentlessly.  And I didn’t get that.  And I should have.” 

+ live Q&A on Zoom with the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign & Support Not Separation.


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