Camden New Journal — report of Charter launch event

Camden New Journal Thursday 27 July 2023

Disabled mothers called for an end to the forceful removal of children from parents who are deemed “unfit” to be carers just because they have a disability, writes Frankie Lister-Fell.

“If motherhood was inclusive, we wouldn’t be gathered here today”, Kelechi Chioba, member of WinVisible, said at a packed out meeting in Kentish Town last week, adding: “Everyone stigmatises you as a disabled person.  They look at you and say ‘are you sure you can push a pram, in a wheelchair?’  Well why can’t you give me someone to push a pram for me, then?  Why shouldn’t I get support?’

A hybrid event was held at the Crossroads Women’s Centre to launch the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Charter: six demands to stop discrimination from social services and the family courts, which are closed and cannot be “held accountable” by the public – it was heard. Activists from Camden and across the globe shared heartbreaking experiences where their children were taken away from them and put into care.  Mothers with learning disabilities are 54 times more likely to have their children removed. 

Tracey Norton, co-ordinator of the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign which is based at the Centre, said her disabled son was wrongly taken away because the large support care package she had won for him was stopped by the local authorities.

Visit our Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign page to read the Charter and more…

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