Have your say to recognise caring work & everyone’s right to benefits!

Dear friends, Your views and support are needed on new proposals for the benefits system from the Commission on Social Security, a claimants’ panel.  Please share this with your friends and networks. Responses to the questionnaire needed by 31 October Disabled mothers and family carers on the Commission, including us, pressed for proposals to include … Read more

Benefit sanctions: submission to Social Market Foundation

We found out that the Social Market Foundation (SMF) is carrying out a review called ‘Making Sense of Sanctions‘.  SMF describes itself as an independent think-tank.  Matthew Oakley of the SMF was appointed by the Conservative government to carry out a previous review of Jobseekers Allowance sanctions in 2014 and Ken Loach (director of ‘I, … Read more

Benefit sanctions condemned in 5-year research

Five-year research by universities condemns sanctions. Report on disabled people here Research covers Jobseekers, Universal Credit (UC) recipients, disabled people, migrants, lone parents, ‘offenders’, social tenants, homeless people, and those subject to anti-social behaviour (ASB) interventions and Family Intervention Projects (FIP). More  Guardian article below: “Benefit sanctions are ineffective at getting jobless people into work … Read more

Benefit sanctions: evidence to Public Accounts Committee of MPs

Summary of our submission to the Public Accounts Committee in 2016 Benefit sanctions and threat of sanction are brutal, have killed people and must be ended. Women, including mothers, and families of colour, are the hardest hit by benefit cuts including the increase in sanctions. It is particularly cruel to sanction, or impose conditions that … Read more

Benefit rights — challenging benefit sanctions

Sanctions to your Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) mean that your benefits are stopped or reduced as a punishment. Jobcentre staff are brutally stopping benefits for trivial reasons, saying that claimants have not kept to what they must do, whether they are jobseekers or sick and disabled people on ESA. Sanctions … Read more