Benefit sanctions: submission to Social Market Foundation

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We found out that the Social Market Foundation (SMF) is carrying out a review called ‘Making Sense of Sanctions‘.  SMF describes itself as an independent think-tank.  Matthew Oakley of the SMF was appointed by the Conservative government to carry out a previous review of Jobseekers Allowance sanctions in 2014 and Ken Loach (director of ‘I, Daniel Blake’) debated against him on BBC Newsnight last year.

We have updated our previous benefit sanctions submission, which focuses on the impact of sanctions on women and children.  Read it here.

We look forward to finding out who else sent in evidence, and what their conclusions will be.

A report by academics in May 2018 found that benefit sanctions are both ineffective (to push people into waged work) and damaging to claimants and families.





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