Victory vs Vedanta mining company pollution

Foil Vedanta PRESS RELEASE 10th April 2019: LANDMARK JURISDICTION CASE WON BY ZAMBIAN FARMERS AT SUPREME COURT Historic victory opens the door for global claimants to seek justice against British multinationals in the UK Watch a short video of the Supreme Court judgement here Supreme Court case materials here The Supreme Court today (10 April 2019) announced … Read more

Scrap the Letters — Z2k petition

We’re supporting the petition to Amber Rudd to STOP the DWP telling GPs not to issue sick notes for patients who are wrongly found fit for work.  Sign the petition here.  See petition updates from Zacchaeus 2000 here. Sick and disabled people are being deprived of vital benefit while they appeal, leaving them destitute and risking their … Read more

Justice for Jodey — sign new petition

We are supporting Joy Dove’s new petition, Justice for Jodey Whiting, her daughter – please sign here.  A 42-year-old formerly married single mother of nine and grandmother in Stockton, North East England, Jodey Whiting took her own life in February 2017 after being cut off ESA.  She had missed seeing a letter calling her in … Read more

Bhopal gas survivors condemn Dow and State misuse of welfare funds

2-3 December 2018 marks the 34th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster in India.  A pesticide factory owned by US multinational corporation Union Carbide (taken over by Dow Chemical, now DowDuPont) exploded at night, fatally gassing many thousands of people, their cows and other animals, and exposing half a million people to the poison.  It … Read more

Single mums challenge UC working allowance disaster

Dear friends, please attend court to show your support: Tues 27 November 2018, from 10.30am:  go into Court 1 to support the claimants.   High Court, Strand, London WC2A 2LL Continues Wednesday,  check court listing here Single mums are in court to challenge the government over the Universal Credit (UC) payment system which is inflexible and … Read more

Woman helps win £1.67 billion ESA for 180,000 people!

Several legal challenges at tribunal and then High Court have forced the government to repay around £1.67bn in benefits  to an estimated 180,000 low-income sick and disabled people, which they were wrongly denied since 2011. Well done to Ms H, a woman who was wrongly found fit for work, one of those who went to tribunal.  She challenged being … Read more

Bolivia — the struggle for living benefits

In July we were delighted to meet Feliza Ali Ramos and Marcelo Vásquez, disability campaigners from the organisation New Hope in Bolivia, at the alternative international solidarity summit, and later the festival of resistance against the hypocrisy of the UK government’s Global Disability Summit. The courageous and imaginative Bolivian disability movement fighting for a living benefit … Read more

More on Universal Credit win — DNS quotes WV

From Disability News Service BY JOHN PRING ON AUGUST 2, 2018 DWP agrees to pay thousands to disabled duo in universal credit court case The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has finally agreed to pay compensation to two disabled men who saw their benefits drastically reduced when they were forced onto the new universal credit. The … Read more

Universal Credit claimants win compensation

Here is the press release from the legal team at Leigh Day: Men with severe disabilities win compensation following Universal Credit discrimination The Government has settled a case of unlawful discrimination against two men with severe disabilities who both saw their benefits dramatically reduced when they moved Local Authority and were required to claim … Read more

Vigil cancelled re: compensation for Universal Credit benefit cut claimants

VIGIL CANCELLED Our vigil is cancelled as we are told by the solicitor in the case that the hearing is likely not to go ahead due to developments. More news to follow as we get it. Monday 30 July 2018 High Court, Strand, London WC2A 2LL 10.30am:  Court case was listed in COURT 2, case … Read more