DLA to age 18 for teens in Scotland!

WinVisible is delighted that disabled young people in Scotland will be able to stay on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) up to the age of 18, and not be forced to make a new Personal Independence Payment claim at 16. The Scottish Government is using its devolved powers to bring in this change from 1 April … Read more

Winning “thanks to WinVisible lifeline”

For two years, WinVisible has peer-supported disabled single mum Maria (not her real name) in South London, and provided her with information to secure benefits which the family needs: • She used our blog about the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) legal challenge on mobility needs and mental distress, to brief Merton Centre for Independent Living … Read more

Disability Living Allowance

DLA stays the same for children under 16 and for pensioners who were aged 65 before 8 April 2013. Note: The Scottish Government has announced that teenagers on DLA can stay on until age 18. This is one of the benefit improvements they have made under their devolved powers. See here Can my child get DLA? Care needs … Read more