Care charges: Councils of despair

We helped with this article (below). Thanks to Private Eye and Heather Mills for publicising, Cheshire DPAC/Oppose Social Care Charging in Cheshire and Inclusion London for getting Councils to release figures on how many sick and disabled people they threaten with court. As it’s a paper magazine, here is the text for visually impaired readers: … Read more

Update: Scrap care charges of woman cancer patient

Update about woman cancer patient fighting extortionate care charges by Camden  The woman cancer patient we are helping, thanks everyone for their support.  She says: “Love and care for someone you don’t know is really appreciated.” She was readmitted to hospital last week for treatment for low oxygen due to lung cancer complications. We are … Read more

Camden charged with lacking care

Reprinted from Camden New Journal, 28 October 2021, “John Gulliver”, page 15 — some additions in square brackets. Camden charged with lacking care Why is Camden charging vulnerable people for home care when other Labour councils do not? In 2017, the Care Act 2014 was replaced with legislation that allowed local authorities to charge for … Read more