Accessible Transport

Rail staff save lives!

By winvisibleblog | May 11, 2023

As disabled women passengers, we NEED more staff for access and safety. Ahead of the rail strike on Saturday, a striker testifies about their lifesaving work and training. Trigger warning — distressing details.

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Train staff petitions update

By winvisibleblog | February 27, 2023

On 20 February, we were delighted to meet Sarah Leadbetter and Sarah Gayton from the National Federation of the Blind UK, and Emily Yates from the Association of British Commuters, for the first time. We went to Downing St to support their petitions for station staff, to keep ticket offices open and keep the guard on the train. From 9am onwards, they organised for deputations of disabled people, mainly visually impaired people, who travelled from all over England, to hand in batches of the petitions. At 3pm, together with Jon Abrams from Inclusion London, we […]

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We need train staff! Petition hand-in Mon 20 Feb

By winvisibleblog | February 18, 2023

On Monday 20 February, WinVisible is joining the National Federation of the Blind (NFB UK) and Association of British Commuters at Downing St to hand in petitions to keep staff in train stations and to keep the guards on the train, for disabled / women’s safety and passenger safety generally. Groups supporting are booked in teams from 9am to 3.30pm — WinVisible is booked for 3pm with Inclusion London and others. Campaigners are coming from Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Kent, Leicestershire, London, Surrey, Sussex and Warwickshire, among groups across England, Scotland and Wales who have signed. NFB UK say: “Over 150 UK organisations* […]

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Disabled women win Taxicard change for users hit by DWP delays on PIP

By winvisibleblog | November 4, 2022

Info: contact WinVisible  @WinVisibleWomen A disabled mum won back her Taxicard — unfairly cancelled by London Councils due to DWP delays with her PIP benefit reassessment — with support from WinVisible and her MP.  London Councils who oversee Taxicard, said they were willing to make “an exception” in Ms A’s case, given her hardship and distress.  After lobbying by WinVisible, this “exception” was made general policy — which will help many disabled people otherwise wrongly denied Taxicard. We have to prove we are eligible for the Taxicard subsidised fares by showing a current DWP […]

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London Councils: Don’t penalise Taxicard users for DWP delay

By winvisibleblog | October 13, 2022

A disabled mum won back her Taxicard — which was unfairly cancelled by London Councils due to DWP delays with her PIP reassessment — with support from us and her MP. Together, we have now written to London Councils asking them not to treat it as a one-off, but to change their policy for everyone affected. We look forward to a positive response: ————- 12 October 2022 Andy Rollock, Mobility Services Manager (Transport & Mobility) London Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL Dear Andy Rollock, London Councils should not penalise disabled Taxicard users for […]

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Tues 23 Aug: action vs ticket office closures

By winvisibleblog | August 22, 2022

On Tuesday 23 August morning, protests against ticket office closures are happening at around 30 train stations across England, organised by We Own It with the RMT and TSSA unions. The main protest will be at King’s Cross station in London from 8.30am, with other protests in different regions. More info here on how to take part in person or online, and places where protests are happening. We Own It say: “If none of the actions listed below is near you – download and print out this poster, go to your local train station by yourself or […]

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Staff our stations!

By winvisibleblog | August 19, 2022

We’re glad to contribute to the Transport for All joint letter signed by 15 organisations against ticket office closures. WinVisible also supports the @RMTunion strike on jobs, pay and conditions. In the RMT survey, 89% of station staff said that the plans would worsen the experience for disabled passengers and those who need more support. 93% of on-board staff said they believed that introducing more Driver Only Operated trains, which can run without a second member of staff on board, would worsen the experience of travelling by train for disabled passengers. In train stations, WinVisible […]

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