Against violence and abuse

RMT joint letter to Transport Focus and London Travelwatch

By winvisibleblog | July 20, 2023

19 July 2023 from RMT Press Office Rail union, RMT has written a joint letter to Transport Focus and London Travelwatch opposing ticket office closure plans. Alongside the Equality Trust, End Violence Against Women, Disability Rights UK, DPAC, Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, Inclusion London, National Pensioners Convention, WinVisible and Transport for All, the letter states:   We are writing to you to object to the proposed closure of nearly 1000 ticket offices at Avanti West Coast, C2C, Chiltern, East Midlands Railway, Greater Anglia, GTR (Great Northern, Thameslink and Southern), Great Western Railway, LNER, Southeastern, […]

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Protest against state-sanctioned forced adoptions

By winvisibleblog | March 12, 2023

Shared from the Canary 1 March 2023 — part one of three reports by Steve Topple — thank you! A protest just highlighted how adoption is the state-sanctioned, forcible removal of children from marginalised women This is the first in a three-part series looking at adoption in the UK, focusing on marginalised mothers and caregivers.  The state’s adoption of children has effectively become an industry in recent years. However, not all mothers and caregivers are subject to social services taking their children from them. This is because the state is disproportionately targeting women the system marginalises […]

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Safe Care at Home review: our statement

By winvisibleblog | September 22, 2022

The underlying reason why abuse happens at home is the lack of proper financial recognition of caring work for both unwaged carers, family and friends, and low-paid carers who are themselves exploited; and because those of us who need care, disabled women especially, are deprived of income and resources and so have lower status.

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Anti-war women cheered by supporters at court

By winvisibleblog | April 2, 2022

Despite cold weather, there was a big turnout early yesterday at Liverpool magistrates’ court to support Sue Ferguson and Ruth Knox, who were charged after a “spray paint incident” against the Arms Fair held last year. Supporters from many organisations cheered the two women as they arrived at court. They included Cllr Alan Gibbons (one of seven suspended Labour councillors who opposed Liverpool City Council’s cuts budget a few weeks ago), and writer/actor Tayo Aluko. The Liverpool Echo reports: Ferguson and Knox, representing themselves in court, said they didn’t dispute the case against them but […]

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Women protesters vs Arms Fair are innocent

By winvisibleblog | March 31, 2022

Sue Ferguson and Ruth Knox Women protesters against Arms Fair in Liverpool are innocent Drop the charges now! WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities) and Payday men’s network (Refusing to Kill) send our heartfelt support to Sue Ferguson and Ruth Knox, who are up in court tomorrow, Friday 1 April, following a paint spraying incident against the Arms Fair in Liverpool last year — part of protests that had wide support, see video. We are with you in spirit, and with supporters, who are gathering outside with banners and inside the court: Friday 1 […]

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Speaking out against violence

By winvisibleblog | February 5, 2022

On Saturday 29 January, WinVisible took part in Waltham Forest Reclaim the Night, organised by Waltham Forest Women’s Network. At the rally in Walthamstow Town Square, Ariane Sacco from WinVisible spoke against violence against disabled women and girls. Here is her speech on video: Women and children marched from Leyton and Walthamstow to Walthamstow Town Square. We all chanted, “Safe streets — now!” Video clip of the march here.

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Sat 29 Jan: WinVisible @ Reclaim the Night Waltham Forest

By winvisibleblog | January 26, 2022

This Saturday 26 January, we’re joining the Reclaim the Night marches organised by Waltham Forest Women’s Network. The marches will meet at Walthamstow Town Square, where we’re speaking at the rally which begins 6pm until 7pm. Among other speakers, Ariane Sacco from WinVisible will speak about violence against disabled women and girls, how we are more at risk of attack and domestic violence, the discrimination we face from the police, as well as courts, asylum system, agencies and services, and what we need to make us safer. All that self-identify as women are welcome on the […]

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Sat 4 Dec: WinVisible speaking at Waltham Forest Reclaim the Night Coalition online rally

By winvisibleblog | December 2, 2021

This Saturday 4 December, we’re on a panel at the Waltham Forest Reclaim the Night Coalition online rally.  4.30pm to 6pm.  All women welcome.  Among other speakers, Ariane and Ebere will speak about violence against disabled women and girls, the discrimination we face from the police, courts, asylum system, agencies and services, and what we need to make us safer. On Zoom with auto-captions.  Zoom link: Meeting ID: 880 0572 3207Passcode: 697484 Organised by Waltham Forest Women’s Network / East London Unite Community

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Ebere’s story – surviving violence back home and in the UK

By winvisibleblog | June 8, 2021

Ebere is a disabled woman from Nigeria, who came to the UK to seek asylum and safety from horrendous disability persecution, including rape and other violence. WinVisible supported Ebere when she was fighting her asylum case.  She was referred to us by Women Against Rape, who are refugee and UK-born women, colleagues at the Crossroads Women’s Centre where we are based.  Listen to Ebere’s interview here: See below for written version — report by BBC. WinVisible adds: Anti-deportation groups at the Centre have supported and won the release of women asylum seekers in detention.  Many […]

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#KillTheBill joint statement

By winvisibleblog | April 5, 2021

Kill The Bill Coalition Statement We, the undersigned groups and organisations, stand in solidarity with all those fighting to #KillTheBill.  The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a dangerous and unnecessary piece of legislation that endangers the rights and safety of every single one of us. It is therefore no surprise that those who are working to #KillTheBill have come together from every section of society. We stand united and reject attempts to divide our movement into “good” and “bad” protestors.  We must be clear: there is no version of this Bill that is […]

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