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DWP Work Capability Assessment consultation — our response

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Protesters outside a large building. Women hold the WinVisible banner, next to people holding a red Unite Community Haringey & Barnet branch banner. Our placards say: "Hands off substantial risk to health, protection for claimants. Benefit cuts are killing us! DWP Deliberate Destitution of Kids and Mums is State cruelty. Remembered -- Elaine Morrall, single mum of 4, killed by UC sanction Nov 2017. " A policeman leans against the wall.

On Monday 30 October, we took part in the protest outside the DWP building, and then in the road, against tightening the Work Capability Assessment and say: “No More Deaths from Benefit Cuts”. It was called by Disabled People Against Cuts, joined by John from Black Triangle (Scotland), Unite Community claimant groups across London, and many other claimants. Video clips here and here (thanks to Steve Topple at The Canary). Here is our response to the consultation, from our collective experience: Work Capability Assessment: Activities and Descriptors Consultation Response by WinVisible (women with visible & … Read more

Wed 13 September: Mothers Manifesto hunger strike against child hunger

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We’re supporting The Mothers Manifesto protest outside Parliament calling for action on food insecurity of children and mothers.  The Mothers Manifesto is a group of mothers and grandmothers from Cornwall and Devon who have travelled to London and camped outside Parliament and Downing Street on hunger strike to highlight children and mums going hungry because of poverty. When: Wednesday 13 September 11am – 4pm Where: outside Parliament, London SW1A 0AA.  Nearest tube Westminster (step-free) or on Twitter @mothers_manif  #MothersHungerStrike The Global Women’s Strike/Women of Colour GWS, Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign and others are supporting this … Read more

Ellie on James O’Brien show, LBC

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Ellie talks with James O’Brien, LBC, about who the government is likely to target next after people seeking asylum, about disability benefits and the cost of living.

Universal Credit — self-help tips

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Hi all, we’ve updated our Universal Credit self-help tips here. The page includes info for ESA claimants on postponing ESA to UC, and our rights.

Tues 25 April — Support Helen at court vs DWP auto deductions for energy bills

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On Tuesday 25 April, we’re joining Fuel Poverty Action, Disabled People Against Cuts and others in support of Helen Timson, a disabled woman who successfully challenged benefit deductions by the DWP done without her knowledge or consent — the DWP is now appealing against this. Vigil details: Time: 9.15-10.15am and 12-2pm — WinVisible joining at 12 on Tuesday Where: Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL Watch court hearing live Court 75 on YouTube 10am – 4pm: Click on Watch on YouTube: Continues Wednesday 26 April. She says: “My name is Helen Timson. I’m a … Read more

Women speak out! @ XR’s The Big One, Fri 21 April, 1pm

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At Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) The Big One, women from the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, Newham Disability Reps Forum and WinVisible are part of the Women Care! Women’s Speak Out on Friday 21 April: For those of us at home, the main XR events will be livestreamed on YouTube here.  And we’re taking part in: Nearest accessible tube stations are Westminster (and Waterloo if Westminster is closed). And next week Tuesday 25 April: Stop benefit deductions by energy companies and the DWP without consent!  Support Helen Timson’s legal challenge.  Held by Fuel Poverty Action, DPAC and … Read more

DWP backlog — failure to communicate PIP extensions causes so much stress

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WinVisible member Elizabeth J has written to her MP: “Dear Tulip Siddiq MP and team, Please can something be done about the DWP failing to send out letters informing claimants that our PIP has been extended by 12 months due to their backlog. I got a letter informing me about a similar extension during the COVID crisis, so there is technically no reason for this not to be done. I sent in my review paperwork in May 2022, my payments were due to end 25 Feb 2023 according to the previous extension. It is hugely stressful … Read more

Woman on dialysis won full PIP — despite DWP saying she must go to tribunal

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WinVisible supported Ms S, a woman with end-stage kidney failure on dialysis, in her fight to get full PIP.  We helped cut through the DWP’s resistance, who were pressuring her to accept less than she actually needs. She won over £4,000 backdated benefit. Ms S says: “I can’t thank T and C enough for all the support they have given me over my PIP review.  I was certain I wasn’t going to win this, and it caused me a lot of stress.  They guided and supported me through the whole process.  Although I’m very ill, my … Read more

Justice for Jodey — video of vigil and court sessions

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On Tuesday 31 January, Jodey Whiting’s mother Joy Dove travelled 300 miles to the capital, to appeal for a second, fuller inquest, which her lawyers argue is needed in the interests of justice. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees/ Family Handout On Tuesday, we went to support Joy Dove at the High Court. Watch ITV News video of our vigil and interviews with Joy and others here In court, the details of Jodey’s ordeal are very upsetting but we felt it is important to know what our side is putting forward about the need for a second … Read more

Court of Appeal hearing in mother’s fight for second inquest

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PRESS RELEASE shared from Leigh Day solicitors: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMonday 23 January 2023Court of Appeal hearing in mother’s fight for second inquest into death of Jodey Whiting The mother of Jodey Whiting will have a Court of Appeal hearing on Tuesday 31 January and Wednesday 1 February 2023 in her fight for a second inquest into her daughter’s death. The hearing will be live streamed after the court said it would be a “significant Court of Appeal hearing”. Joy Dove, of Stockton-on-Tees, has been campaigning since 2018 for a second inquest into Jodey’s death at … Read more