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“You are owed some money” – winning back after PIP cut

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WV logo -- a woman of colour's fist holds pound notes, inside a shape combining the women's symbol and Egyptian Eye of Horus, symbol of healing. In this case, the pound notes say PIP.

Ms X, a disabled single mum and survivor of domestic violence, tells how she secured over £5,000 backdated PIP which the DWP owed for her social support needs “mixing with people” – taking action from info about a legal case she read about online.  She could pay off energy bills and other debts hanging over her.  This restored money to her which she had lost years before, when her DLA was ended — she was forced to apply for PIP instead, and suffered a cut in rates. Ms X writes: My PIP and MM Supreme … Read more

Rwanda Bill: Disability and Migration Network statement

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People demonstrating for asylum rights including All African Women's Group, WinVisible, Women of Colour in the Global Women's Strike.

We support the Disability and Migration Network statement against the Rwanda Bill and condemn the scapegoating of people seeking asylum and disabled claimants, together with Global Women Against Deportations groups. Sharing from Disability Rights UK: The Safety of Rwanda Bill has passed its remaining parliamentary stages. This follows a long fight from campaigners to challenge the bill, including the Supreme Court ruling that the policy is unlawful and the House of Lords delaying and amending the bill many times. The Disability and Migration Network, a network made up of disability and migrants rights organisations – including Disability Rights UK, Disabled People … Read more

“Sick note Britain” — Doctors in Unite defend patients and GP rights

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"Sick note Britain" 27 April 2024. White text on red background.

Doctors in Unite is the UK’s oldest medical trade union representing junior doctors, general practitioners and hospital consultants. Founded in 1914, formerly called the Medical Practitioners’ Union, they campaigned for the formation of the NHS. Read their statement in response to Sunak’s speech attacking sickness benefits: “Doctors in Unite condemns the latest attempt by the Tory government to blame people who are unfit for work and their GPs for the woeful state of the economy. “Growing numbers of people unfit for work reflects lengthening NHS waiting lists, cuts to health services (especially in mental health), privatisation … Read more

Sign petition to stop DWP spying on claimants’ bank accounts

By winvisibleblog | 23/04/2024 | 1 Comment
A woman wheelchair user holds placard: DWP stop snooping -- being poor is not a crime!

In Parliament, the Lords are discussing and opposing the Data Bill clause which would give the DWP powers to scan the bank accounts of more than 22 million claimants, including pensioners, using artificial intelligence. Sign the Big Brother Watch (BBW) petition here Share BBW updates on Twitter. “DWP are the real criminals“. We know how brutally the DWP behaves towards sick and disabled people, and claimants generally. Family carer Vivienne Groom was threatened with prison for benefit fraud and “Proceeds of Crime” powers. Previously, she was misinformed that she didn’t need to declare working part-time … Read more

My long road to higher PIP – perseverance pays off!

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Women carrying the WinVisible banner at DWP protest. A placard says: Scrap all benefit cuts & sanctions.

WinVisible group member Ms X says: “I’m a mum of three (my children, too, have health conditions), looking after them with support from family.  I’m a single mum, survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  I have PTSD and physical debilitating chronic health conditions. Many of my symptoms are invisible and fluctuating. I’m battling daily with pain, persistent fatigue, nausea, brain fog and low energy levels, profoundly affecting my daily life.  I had to give up waged work. As my health is complicated, I’m under a range of consultants in different hospitals and clinics, which … Read more

Benefit rights — we’re entitled to survive!

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Two photos. Ariane holds a placard: Disabled people are not a burden -- we're entitled to survive! Women wheelchair users and other disabled protesters, including women holding the WinVisible banner, block the road by Westminster Abbey. Traffic including a bus is stopped.

Ahead of the general election, we’re sick and tired of government and Labour politicians hyping up attacks on our disability benefit rights — and PM Rishi Sunak’s plans to squeeze welfare to pay for tax cuts. In any case, the reduction in National Insurance Contributions announced in the Spring Budget, enriches high earners the most. Low-waged and part-time women workers get to keep a little more income, which will be wiped out by higher Council Tax and energy bills. Here are some photos and press coverage of the UK day of action on 4 March … Read more

Stop DWP spying on claimants’ bank accounts

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Placard DWP stop snooping -- being poor is not a crime! The two OO are drawn as eyes.

Joining with Big Brother Watch, Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People and others, we’re campaigning against a Bill in Parliament — it gives the DWP powers to snoop on the bank accounts of over 22 million claimants, monitoring every payment by robot algorithm.  Thanks to Big Brother Watch for coming to the #NoMoreBenefitDeaths protest outside the DWP on 4 March. BBW interviewed some of us about the Bill. Watch the video below. Read the joint letter to Ministers signed by 40+ organisations here Sign and share these petitions: The Bill is currently in the House … Read more

Mon 4 March – No More Benefit Deaths!

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Women carrying the WinVisible banner at DWP protest. A placard says: Scrap all benefit cuts & sanctions.

On Monday 4 March, we’re taking part in the #No More Benefit Deaths national day of action called by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).  Protesting against plans to slash our entitlement to disability benefits, put more disabled claimants on work conditions, and increase sanctions. DPAC info here. The London protest will meet at 12 noonAt Department for Work & PensionsCaxton House6–12 Tothill StreetLondon SW1H 9NA (Westminster tube) You can also take part on social media, search: #NoMoreBenefitDeaths  #FundWelfareNotGenocide Other in-person actions include: Monday’s protest is ahead of Budget Day on Wednesday 6 March.  The Chancellor … Read more

DWP Work Capability Assessment consultation — our response

By winvisibleblog | 31/10/2023 | 1 Comment
Protesters outside a large building. Women hold the WinVisible banner, next to people holding a red Unite Community Haringey & Barnet branch banner. Our placards say: "Hands off substantial risk to health, protection for claimants. Benefit cuts are killing us! DWP Deliberate Destitution of Kids and Mums is State cruelty. Remembered -- Elaine Morrall, single mum of 4, killed by UC sanction Nov 2017. " A policeman leans against the wall.

On Monday 30 October, we took part in the protest outside the DWP building, and then in the road, against tightening the Work Capability Assessment and say: “No More Deaths from Benefit Cuts”. It was called by Disabled People Against Cuts, joined by John from Black Triangle (Scotland), Unite Community claimant groups across London, and many other claimants. Video clips here and here (thanks to Steve Topple at The Canary). Here is our response to the consultation, from our collective experience: Work Capability Assessment: Activities and Descriptors Consultation Response by WinVisible (women with visible & … Read more

Wed 13 September: Mothers Manifesto hunger strike against child hunger

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We’re supporting The Mothers Manifesto protest outside Parliament calling for action on food insecurity of children and mothers.  The Mothers Manifesto is a group of mothers and grandmothers from Cornwall and Devon who have travelled to London and camped outside Parliament and Downing Street on hunger strike to highlight children and mums going hungry because of poverty. When: Wednesday 13 September 11am – 4pm Where: outside Parliament, London SW1A 0AA.  Nearest tube Westminster (step-free) or on Twitter @mothers_manif  #MothersHungerStrike The Global Women’s Strike/Women of Colour GWS, Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign and others are supporting this … Read more

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