Women protesters vs Arms Fair are innocent

Sue Ferguson and Ruth Knox

Women protesters against Arms Fair in Liverpool are innocent

Drop the charges now!

WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities) and Payday men’s network (Refusing to Kill) send our heartfelt support to Sue Ferguson and Ruth Knox, who are up in court tomorrow, Friday 1 April, following a paint spraying incident against the Arms Fair in Liverpool last year — part of protests that had wide support, see video.

We are with you in spirit, and with supporters, who are gathering outside with banners and inside the court:

Friday 1 April

9am to 9.30 outside The Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts, Derby Square, Liverpool L2 1XA


The horrific reality of war is continuously in the news (while news of many ongoing wars is censored).  People unable to flee are dying of bombs, shooting, thirst, starvation, cold and lack of care.  Military companies involved in inflicting atrocities, death and disability, and environmental pollution and destruction, promote war which boosts their profits. 

Protests against military companies have been effective: combat drone manufacturers Elbit had factories shut down after Palestine Action’s successful protests. In almost every case, charges against the activists involved have been dropped. Inspired by this action, protesters in the US occupied the roof of a Raytheon facility last week – the largest producer of guided missiles in the world.

But those of us who protest face being criminalised more in future, by Police Bill powers to stop justified demonstrators.

Sue and Ruth are both pensioners active in Liverpool Against the Cuts, and Sue is a wheelchair user and longtime member of WinVisible.  These brave women are defending life, we must defend them.  Both are central in opposing Liverpool City Council (LCC) cutting £11m from social care while adding £10m to its reserves.  They are supported by children’s author Cllr Alan Gibbons and others who refused to vote through a cuts budget.  LCC could be demanding more money from central government: during the pandemic, the government pushed through renewal of Trident nuclear submarines at a cost of £130bn.  Yet only £8bn is urgently needed to save lives in the “social care crisis”.

 Invest in caring, not killing!  Drop the charges against Sue and Ruth!  Defending life is not a crime!

WinVisible                                   Payday 

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