Election pledges: Billions more for military, not for our needs

Our quote from The Big Issue (19 June):

“Labour and Tory alike pledge billions more for military spending and nuclear submarines, but don’t prioritise funding for independent living and support for mothers and children to keep families together in the community.”

Our full comment was, “. . . Instead there is massive spending to businesses in the privatised children’s home industry.

“The Tories and Labour both plan huge welfare cuts and harsher work conditions for benefit, which hit women harder.  Labour claim: ‘for women especially, work is freedom’, but those of us who are caring for children, relatives and others in the community, we’re already working, and need financial and practical support, NOT more work. The Lib Dems would raise Carers Allowance but only by a paltry £20 (making it £2.90/hour), while free personal care excludes help with shopping, cleaning and living our life (independent living).  The Greens have taken over Bristol City Council.  In line with their national policy, we want them to reverse the drastic Labour cuts to adult social care which would force people into residential homes.”

We made our comments for an opinion piece by Mikey Erhardt of Disability Rights UK, discussing independent living / social care: Neither Labour nor Tories are going far enough for disabled people – we deserve better. Read it here.

See the Disability Rights UK website for more info on what the political parties say in their manifestoes.

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