Protest Friday: make Kentish Town tube step-free! 

People from Camden Disability Action, including a wheelchair user, outside Kentish Town tube station.

Make Kentish Town tube step-free!  Our needs are not “too expensive”!

Tomorrow, Friday 23 June, from 10.30am, we’re joining the protest at Kentish Town tube by Camden Disability Action, supported by Inclusion London.

WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities) and Crossroads Women’s Centre are among the organisations who signed their Open Letter to Mayor Sadiq Khan calling for a lift to be installed at Kentish Town tube – which Transport for London refused as too expensive!

None of the stations near our Women’s Centre are wheelchair accessible, and the north-bound Kentish Town bus stop has been closed while flats are built!

This is unacceptable.

A lift is essential for us – disabled and older people, mums/carers with buggies, travellers with shopping and heavy luggage – we all need a lift!

Sign the petition here

WinVisible and Crossroads Women’s Centre

From Camden Disability Action‘s page:

Camden Disability Action is protesting against Transport for London’s refusal to install a lift at Kentish Town tube station during a year of improvement works.

The station will be closed for 12 months starting this coming Monday while its faltering escalators are replaced and the station as a whole is given a facelift.

But the Mayor and TFL have said it would be too expensive to also install a lift during the station’s down-time, meaning it will be as inaccessible at the end of the works as it was before.

This is an appalling decision and we refuse to let it pass! We can’t just be pushed aside.

We have set up a petition and written a letter to Sadiq Khan and this Friday we will be holding a peaceful protest. It would be great if any of you could attend.

Please join us from 10.30am to 1.30pm on Friday 23rd June 2023 outside Kentish Tube. We’ll be holding placards and shouting ‘Starmer Step Up! Make Kentish Town Tube Step Free!’

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