Austerity Kills – lobby your MP before Thursday’s budget

A woman holds a placard in black and red marker pen: Benefit cuts are KILLING us!!  We remember: Stephanie Bottrill.  Mark Wood.  Linda Wootton.  Cecilia Burns.  June Mitchell.  by WinVisible -- women's symbols with disabilities.

WinVisible and the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign are part of a campaign by 40 disability organisations across England, co-ordinated by Inclusion London.  Together, we have put out a joint statement, Austerity Kills, ahead of the government’s financial announcement by chancellor Jeremy Hunt this Thursday. 

Take action today! Write to your MP to call on them to speak out and press for increased benefits and support services – use model letter which emails direct to your MP.

See the press release:

Facts and figures:

Contact WinVisible for more info.

We remember:

Lillian Oluk and her baby girl Lynne Matumba aged two. Medway Council stopped their food vouchers after the Home Office refused Lillian’s asylum claim. She was HIV+ with Sickle Cell Anaemia and as far as we know from published news reports, feared disability persecution if deported.

Elaine Morrell was in and out of intensive care. The DWP stopped her benefit and the Council stopped her Housing Benefit after she missed a work focussed interview. She died of cold as she could only afford to put the heating on when her children came home from school.

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