Cost of living — fuel bills

Photo of fuel bill.  It says: Total charges this bill...  We've explained your bill in detail over the page.  Payment is due now -- highlighted in green.

Quote: “The energy company ‘threatened me they were coming to change me to a prepay meter.’

This scared her because she would be unable to go to the shops to top up a prepay card.” When she tried to explain why she couldn’t pay, they replied, “switch off” the equipment she needs.

WinVisible supported her to successfully resist the energy company installing a prepayment meter in her home, and have now written to the company complaining about their behaviour and asking them to write off her debt. ‘We’re against bullying’.”

“In Richard’s case, unaffordable energy prices mean he has to limit the use of the ventilator that supports his breathing.”

Energy companies are under pressure to give cash help to customers who are struggling to pay bills. Check what your company can provide here.

Thank you Novara Media and Sophie for featuring this unbearable situation. Read the full article here.

Austerity Kills — take part in the joint campaign by 40 disability organisations. Write to your MP here.

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