Liverpool Wed 2 March @ 4pm: demand a no-cuts budget

Liverpool City Council logo + a banner hung on the railings of the Town Hall, which reads: Budget Cuts Kill -- No Mre Cuts

With Sue Ferguson and Liverpool Against the Cuts, we’re campaigning against the hike in care charges, cuts to disabled people with high needs, and the intended budget by Liverpool City Council from April. At the same time as they are cutting support and services to mums and kids, they plan to open more children’s homes.

This Wednesday at 4pm, we’ll be tweeting in support of the demonstration.

Info from Liverpool Against the Cuts:

On 2 March, Liverpool City Council will meet in the Town Hall to agree a budget which cuts services by nearly £19 million. Since 2010 the Tories have cut money to Liverpool every single year, and every single year the Council has passed on the cuts to Liverpool people. We now receive £436 million per year less than in 2010. Services have been hollowed out:
• Libraries closed
• Children’s Centres staff and venues cut
• Youth services all but vanished
• Numbers receiving help with care — cut
• One Stop Shops closed or gone part-time

Every cut damages or endangers lives. Non-COVID deaths of people needing homecare more than doubled in Liverpool last year. New cuts mean that care users will have care reduced or completely removed and some will face huge increases in charges. It is the most vulnerable who pay for cuts!

The cost of heating, fuel, housing and food are all going up, and wages are not rising to compensate. More people will be homeless, more families choosing between heating and eating. In this situation the Council should be supporting its citizens, not passing on further cuts.
• Set a budget based on the needs of our city, using the Council’s reserves
• Campaign to force this weak and corrupt government to give Liverpool, and cities all over the UK, the money they need for decent lives for their citizens.

Get involved in the campaign against Council cuts by contacting Liverpool Against the Cuts at:
Or message us on Facebook at:


4 00 pm WED 2 MARCH

by Liverpool Against the Cuts, c/o News from Nowhere, Bold Street, L1 4HY.

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