Tomorrow 7pm: WinVisible speak at CasWO! care workers event

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Claire from WinVisible is speaking tomorrow Tues 22 February 2022 – 7pm on Zoom

at Care and Support Workers Organise (CasWO!) event:

Tackling the Staffing Crisis in Social Care

With author Emma Dowling; Larry Sanders, Green Party; Steve North, Salford City Unison; Stella Noakes, CasWO!

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We look forward to tomorrow’s CasWO! meeting. Getting together as disabled women & unwaged family carers, with care workers on low wages & zero-hour contracts, is crucial to mutually respectful relationships and financial recognition.  

CasWO!, thank you for inviting WinVisible to take part. All caring must be rewarded with a living wage based on the importance of this work to survival & wellbeing.  We demand a care income for everyone doing this work, starting with mums.

Disabled women say: in an inaccessible world, coping with disability & ill-health is hard work. We want that workload recognised so we can get the support we are entitled to, so we work less & live more.

1 thought on “Tomorrow 7pm: WinVisible speak at CasWO! care workers event”

  1. Social care workers are not valued so they not receive the right level of training. The poor salaries means that it only attracts poor quality of staff. Most are there to earn a little bit of extra money for the family income. Most staff are not really committed to the job .It basically fails to attract the right staffing Most staff are not committed so they don’t want to bring good practice or ro improve their skill level. The agencies are working on a very tight budget. The staff are working towards coping with a tight schedule where an 30mins are reduced to 15mins. Care staff failing to read the care plan or the important tasks. Most important tasks are ignored and only the basic tasks are completed Calls are missed regularly especially where someone is on their and no family members able to alert the agency or the social workers Adults team.
    Serious issues are lack of funding for the agencies where it a business. So they can only pay poor salaries. Which means they attract staff who lack dedication or 100% dedication


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