Wed 13 September: Mothers Manifesto hunger strike against child hunger

We’re supporting The Mothers Manifesto protest outside Parliament calling for action on food insecurity of children and mothers.  The Mothers Manifesto is a group of mothers and grandmothers from Cornwall and Devon who have travelled to London and camped outside Parliament and Downing Street on hunger strike to highlight children and mums going hungry because of poverty.

When: Wednesday 13 September 11am – 4pm

Where: outside Parliament, London SW1A 0AA.  Nearest tube Westminster (step-free) or on Twitter @mothers_manif  #MothersHungerStrike

The Global Women’s Strike/Women of Colour GWS, Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign and others are supporting this protest, read more here.  The Mothers Manifesto say:

“We know the situation for many women here in the UK, one of the richest nations in the world, is devastating – with so many having to miss meals, not having enough food for themselves or their children or unable to pay their bills, this is leaving many in incredibly insecure situations. This is not good enough and we are calling for change.

Globally the situation is even worse. With three million children dying every year – that’s one child every 11 seconds. Having lost my own child I know how totally devastating this is. The United Nations have said there is enough food, enough resources for everyone so why is this happening? This is an issue of distribution and a political choice. We will not stand by while children die and people suffer needlessly.

Please join us as a call to action. Bring your stories and we will hold and support one another. Together as mothers we are so strong and we can make a difference.

We are meeting outside Parliament 11-4pm on the 13th September, next Wednesday, do join us.

Some will be holding a 24hr food/ hunger strike, a powerful action which brings attention to the reality of many. We do this in solidarity with all the mothers who do not have enough, who cannot feed themselves or their children.

We look forward to meeting you.

Link to our website where you will find our Manifesto for Change including our demands.”

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