Justice for Jodey — court to rule on 2nd inquest

Jodey Whiting; WinVisible with her mother Joy Dove at the ‘Broken Hearts’ protest outside the Department for Work and Pensions in London, 2019

We all send our love and heartfelt support to bereaved mother Joy Dove, for a positive result after the High Court hearing which has just finished. Via her legal team, the three judges heard her application for a second inquest into the suicide of her daughter Jodey Whiting. Their ruling is expected in the near future.

The first inquest in 2017 only lasted 37 minutes and the responsibility of the DWP who cut off Jodey Whiting’s benefits was excluded. At the High Court this week, the lawyer for the coroner argued against her that just because the first inquest was short, didn’t mean it was inadequate. Also, the DWP asked at the last minute to be included, with the aim of getting the judges to turn down the application, also because of the wide implications for the DWP concerning their mistreatment of other claimants who are disabled and especially those in mental distress. The judges allowed the DWP to make arguments, but only on paper, not have a barrister speaking in court.

Read more here about the call for a second inquest.

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