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We went to meet the young women’s group at Caxton Youth Organisation in Westminster, who talked about the verbal abuse and discrimination they get, and their hopes and wishes.  Here’s what they wrote about our visit on 18 July 2017:


Written by Girls and Young women from Caxton Youth Organisation

Why Cookie Rights? Well, last week we talked about Human Rights and made cookies about them.Caxton report pic 1

 Who are we? A group of girls and young women from Caxton Youth Organisation: a youth club for children and young people with a variety of learning disabilities and difficulties.

Last Tuesday Caxton Girl’s Group had some visitors: Ariane, Claire and Tasha from WinVisible.

We discussed our human rights, why they are important to us and shared our stories. We discovered we shared similar problems:

  • Being told off for not dressing girlie enough.
  • Being discriminated against on the bus.
  • Finding it hard to get jobs.

Claire told us WinVisible are supporting women with disabilities who were having their children removed by social services. We hope social services can support these parents, so they can be families again.

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Why we think Human Rights are important…

  • Equality: for LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities and women.
  • Everyone should have fair chances of getting a job.
  • Everyone should feel safe.
  • Everyone with a disability should be given a chance. If they have a wheelchair, they should be supported and given space on the bus.

We were asked to draw or write on our cookies our thoughts about Human Rights and how they inspire us – kind, caring, everyone, supercalifragilistic, peace and love were our main messages.

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We would definitely like to work with WinVisible again, the discussions were really interesting and the cookies were delicious.

Thanks to Rose Swainston for inviting us, and all the young women for their warm welcome.

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