Bhopal, India

Bhopal Survivors Action

3 December 2014

To Rashida Bee and Champa Devi Shukla

Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karmchari Sangh (Bhopal Gas-Affected Women Stationery Workers’ Union)

Dear Rashida, Champa and all sisters and brothers in Bhopal,

We send our love, condolences and solidarity to you all on this 30th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster. We have followed and circulated news of your actions and the women’s fast in Delhi, took part in events in London, and are glad for the international actions and events supporting your demands.

We are women with disabilities of all nationalities, including Indian, African, Japanese and from many other countries.  Our group has been involved in solidarity action with Bhopal since 1984.  We support your campaigns concerning women survivors’ situation, mothers and children, by the young water-affected disabled survivors, and for the whole community.  We wholeheartedly support the 30th anniversary demands you have issued to Union Carbide and Dow Chemical, to the US government, the government of India and the government of Madhya Pradesh, for justice, compensation, clean-up of the site, free high-quality respectful medical treatment, a lifelong monthly pension of at least 1000 Rs. for every disabled and destitute person, including women widowed by the disaster, rehabilitation for the affected children, action against corrupt officials and all the detailed measures stated.

We know that the chemicals at the pesticide factory were poisoning the community’s water supply even before the gas explosion.  Our lives are worth nothing to corporations who only value profits.  But the successful campaigns by you and other grassroots movements in India and around the world, are gaining ground against corporate greed and the destruction of people, life and the planet.  We are encouraged by your determination and your actions, to continue to resist the government and the corporations in the UK which are killing us and other people internationally with their economic policies and their pollution.

Naya Jamana Ayega!

Invest in Caring not Killing,


Support Bhopal survivors vs Dow Chemical –

Olympics sponsor

Protests in Bhopal, India

Tell London Olympic Committee to Drop Dow Now!

  • Dow, also responsible for Agent Orange and napalm in the Vietnam war, is perhaps the worst among Olympics sponsors whose names are notorious: Atos, the IT company blamed for throwing sick and disabled people off benefit, oil polluter BP, mining company RTZ, G4S responsible for the death of Jimmy Mubenga…
  • Women gas survivors have led the struggle to “beat Dow with a broom” and win proper compensation, resources for daily life and justice in the courts.  Devastated by the tragedy, women are the carers keeping families together and struggling to get clean water every day in a polluted environment.
  • Disabled people, claimants and supporters demonstrated on 3 December 2011 against Atos and Dow at the Olympic Park.  Meanwhile, in Bhopal, peaceful gas-affected protesters blockading train lines were beaten up and arrested.
  • The media pretend the tragedy is old news but the effects have never stopped.  Dow refuses to clean up the factory, so when it rains, poisons wash into the water supply.  Children and young people born disabled are the new generation of Bhopali protesters.
  • The London Olympics organisers did their own separate deal with Dow for the Paralympics.  The International Paralympic Committee did NOT already have a deal.
  • Our lives are worth nothing to politicians who only value sponsorship and profits.  But campaigns, in India and by the 99%, here and around the world are gaining ground against corporate greed and the destruction of people and the planet.

Die-in at Olympic clock, Trafalgar Square, 27 June 2012


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