The government’s insulting Disability Action Plan

Two drawings: hands hold a copy of the Care Act. A disabled mum sits in her wheelchair, her son is standing next to her leaning into her shoulder.

We are with disability organisations criticising the government’s insulting Disability Action Plan. Last year, WinVisible and particularly, the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign we co-ordinate, responded to the government consultation which referenced our campaign. We took part in meetings with the Disability Unit focussing on disabled parents and disabled children. Quoted by Mikey Erhardt from Disability … Read more

Disability Action Plan — our response to government

Disabled mothers speaking out at the monthly picket of the central Family Court, held by Support Not Separation.

We focussed on disabled mothers and disabled children when we responded to the government’s Disability Action Plan in October. A member of our Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign was involved in the legal challenge to the National Disability Strategy, which the Disability Action Plan follows on from. We decided not to comment on the rest of … Read more