Cost of living payments 2023

£1,350 cost of living payments, 2023 timetable Government announcement 04 JANUARY 2023 Claimants will get up to £1,350 in cost of living payments in 2023/24, with the timetable for payments now announced by the government. Over 8 million claimants will get £900 in three payments, whilst 6 million disability benefit will get an additional £150 … Read more

Councils can’t take Cost of Living payments in charges

People feared that the cost of living payments were going to be taken by Councils for care charges, as they take our disability benefits without caring whether we can afford it. Now, the government Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has confirmed that cost of living payments under the Social Security (Additional Payments) Bill … Read more

Cost of living payments

The government will make extra payments to people getting means-tested benefits, tax credits, and disability benefits (including DLA for children), under pressure to respond to the cost of living crisis. Cost of living payments People getting low-income means-tested benefits will get a cost of living payment of £650. This will be split into two instalments … Read more