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  • Save the Independent Living Fund

    Disabled woman loses 48 hours’ support   Save the Independent Living Fund ILF Users Speak Out  

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  • Winning free homecare in Hammersmith & Fulham

    Campaigners in Hammersmith & Fulham win free homecare! Congratulations to Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition Against Cuts (HAFCAC) – disabled and older people win free homecare! HAFCAC won the commitment from the recently-elected Labour council to abolish homecare charges – a “tax on disability” — from April 2015, paid for by cutting the council’s PR budget. …

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  • Benefit rights — debt advice

    First check that you do really owe the money. Mistakes are common and it is possible that your debts have been miscalculated. If you do owe it, check if you can get any discounts. Your debts can be cancelled or reduced to smaller repayments. And check you get all the help available to maximise your income. To challenge…

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  • Benefit rights — challenging benefit sanctions

    Sanctions to your Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) mean that your benefits are stopped or reduced as a punishment. Jobcentre staff are brutally stopping benefits for trivial reasons, saying that claimants have not kept to what they must do, whether they are jobseekers or sick and disabled people on ESA. Sanctions…

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  • Benefit rights — private renters

    Almost 40% of the annual £25bn housing benefit bill is paid to private landlords, who often get away with charging extortionate rents for poor quality housing. Tenants asking for repairs or furniture have been threatened with eviction or harassed, so it is important to know your rights. Groups that support tenants and also campaign, are:…

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  • Benefit rights — bedroom tax

    Since 2013, the government reduced Housing Benefit (HB) to people in social housing who have one or more “spare” rooms. (Social housing is council, housing association or similar. Councils administering HB make the cut.) The government gives councils extra funds called Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) to help tenants in hardship due to the bedroom tax.…

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  • Council Tax help

    Council Tax help

    Discounts, reductions and exemptions from paying Council Tax You can pay less Council Tax, for various reasons.  This can include: being the only adult in the property. being a young adult between 18-19 years of age. being a full-time student. being an apprentice. being temporarily away from your home — check with your Council. having…

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  • Bhopal, India

    Bhopal, India

    Bhopal Survivors Action 3 December 2014 To Rashida Bee and Champa Devi Shukla Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karmchari Sangh (Bhopal Gas-Affected Women Stationery Workers’ Union) Dear Rashida, Champa and all sisters and brothers in Bhopal, We send our love, condolences and solidarity to you all on this 30th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster. We…

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  • Yes to Free Quality Care

    Yes to Free Quality Care

    Yes to free, quality care  –  we’ve earned it!  No to charging, rationing, profiteering and neglect.     Maria Nash, Barnet 2013            Justice for Jennyfer Spencer, Camden 2010    Camden pensioners vs cuts to day centres Living longer is a blessing, not a “problem”. If more people need care, why are fewer…

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  • Opposing Violence

    Opposing Violence

       Reclaim the Night  At Reclaim the Night rally, November 2014 Brighton Feminist Collective Thank you to everyone that came out and Reclaimed the Night with us on Saturday! Around 450 people marched with us to demand safer streets! Our rally had an incredible line-up of speakers and performers that we’re so proud to have…

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