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Disabled people denied support and health services — survey confirms

By winvisibleblog | 09 November 2020 | 2 Comments

A YouGov survey of disabled people out today, confirms disabled women’s experiences under the COVID-19 measures — being denied basic support services, ventilator filters and other medical treatment. And this survey is of people under pension age, not pensioners who have been especially targetted. We said in our submissions to Parliament, that this is not accidental. Only recently when the Coronavirus Act came up for six-month review, Matt Hancock MP and the government were determined to keep Care Act duties that we rely on, suspended under “emergency” law. Here is a report shared from The … Read more

Help WinVisible benefit from Localgiving’s Coronavirus Fund

By winvisibleblog | 02 November 2020 | 0 Comments

UPDATE The Localgiving Coronavirus Fund has now closed as the funds have been used up matching donations to groups on the scheme. Your donation is still welcome. Thanks to everyone for your support! WinVisible ——————— Dear friends, If you would like to help support WinVisible’s vital work, now is the time.  Any amount you or others donate via our Localgiving page until 12 noon on Monday 9 November, will be doubled by Localgiving’s Coronavirus Fund. During the COVID-19 crisis, we have been there for disabled women who face added discrimination, isolation and enormous stress, and … Read more

The Right to Food — webinar Friday 16 Oct 2020

By winvisibleblog | 14 October 2020 | 0 Comments

This Friday morning, WinVisible is speaking at an online event for the Right to Food, held on UN World Food Day. Webinar 10am to 11am. Free registration here This webinar is organised by the Right to Food project at Sustain: the Alliance for Better Food and Farming and HEAR the pan-equality London network, as part of London Challenge Poverty Week. Info below from the joint organisers: “We will hear from speakers about what they believe needs to happen in order to ensure that all Londoners have their right to food respected.“ About this Event “On this webinar we will hear from … Read more

Council faces anger over ‘inexcusable’ increase in care charges in middle of pandemic

By winvisibleblog | 28 September 2020 | 0 Comments
A mixed picket of disabled women and men. Some of the women are holding WinVisible's banner. A placard says: Scrap Social Care charges -- a tax on disability.

Report shared from Disability News Service: By John Pring on 24th September 2020 Campaigners have asked a local authority why it has taken the “inexcusable” step of increasing care charges for disabled people in the middle of a pandemic. Greenwich council was warned last year that planned increases to the contributions disabled service-users have to make towards council-funded care would lead some to quit their jobs or stop their volunteering work, and push many into poverty. The council decided in January to ignore these concerns and push ahead with increased charges, although the planned implementation in April was postponed because … Read more

Open letter: Scrap the Coronavirus Act provisions

By winvisibleblog | 25 September 2020 | 0 Comments

WinVisible has signed the open letter co-ordinated by Disability Rights UK — here it is, with the list of organisations who signed. Add your signature below using the link (individuals or organisations welcome). Scrap the Coronavirus Act provisions “We the undersigned call on the Government to restore and protect the rights of disabled people by removing the powers from the Coronavirus Act 2020 which diminish the rights of those who rely on social care and education support. These powers were opposed by disabled people and allies, when they were introduced, have caused confusion and harm … Read more

Take action to restore disability rights

By winvisibleblog | 25 September 2020 | 0 Comments
A commode next to a bed -- a woman's surroundings without homecare

Take action to restore disability rights taken away by the Coronavirus Act Dear friends, We’re working with Inclusion London and others nationally campaigning against the Coronavirus Act, urgently pressing Parliament and MPs to restore: ·       Rights to social care and support services under the Care Act ·       Disabled children’s support and education ·       Safeguards for people detained in psychiatric hospital or released without adequate support These rights were taken away by the Coronavirus Act, passed in March, now up for review by Parliament. This Act freed the authorities from many legal duties, this is called … Read more

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