Disabled mums: “we’re the experts!”

A blind mum wearing a hi-vis fluorescent vest over her jacket, is walking along using her cane.  She is pulling a buggy with her left arm behind her back.  Her child is contentedly in the buggy.
Blind mum Philippa Lomas shows how to walk safely pulling your child’s buggy behind you.

In last week’s Twitter storm, we got some great comments:

“I am disabled person, wheelchair user and mother of two children. My disability never stops me from being a great mother of my children. I love the motherhood and I’ve been able to bring up my two beautiful children, I even pushed my children’s pram with one hand. The experts are us!”

We said: “Being a disabled mum is not ‘harm’ to children”.

Another mum replied: “No, actually we are not bad mums, if anything we are more amazing because on top of disabilities we always put our children 1st and do stuff that people wouldn’t even know how to manage.”

Contact mumsrights@winvisible.org to find out more about the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign.

A wheelchair user mum, who is a woman of colour, looks at her baby with a smile.  The baby seat is facing her on a frame clipped to her chair.

Thanks to all who took part and retweeted from the online and in person picket of the Central Family Court, which happens the first Wednesday of every month. Held by Support Not Separation, with us and other member groups.

Thanks to Fleur Perry tweeting on the topic: Complete the sentence to give us a list of things we need to reclaim: Disabled people are not allowed to…

We replied: …start our own family and keep our children.

Join us next time, Wednesday 7 September, 12.30-1.30pm at the Central Family Court, London WC1V 6NP and on Twitter. See you there! #SupportNotSeparation #mumsrights

SNS logo white letters on a red circle.  Action Alert -- picket at the Central Family Court & Twitter Storm 7 September 2022 12.30 - 1.30pm

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