Track records on benefit cuts

Birmingham Oct 2010
October 2010 protest march in Birmingham, with disabled people at the front, against the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government which brought in austerity

Let’s look at the track record of political parties concerning benefits.  Click here to read our previous chronology of the community actions from October 2010 to March 2016 which led to the resignation of the then Work and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith.

Note: Research done by the Spartacus Network was not included in the round-up.  At the time of compiling the chronology, we were shocked by the decision of Spartacus’ Sue Marsh to work for Maximus, one of the notorious benefit assessor companies, as Head of Customer Experience for a reputed salary of £75,000 a year.  Her appointment in 2015 was years before the 2017 Work and Pensions Select Committee inquiry into ESA and PIP, which slammed Maximus, and years before the tragic avoidable suicide of Jodey Whiting after Maximus refused to arrange a home visit and would have reported her to the DWP for “failure to attend” an ESA assessment.

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