PIP reviews — press your case!

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Women at court in 2017.  We all supported Ms F in her successful legal challenge against DWP discrimination on mobility benefit.

Reviews are happening now of people’s PIP claims.  This follows several legal wins challenging benefits discrimination, including Ms R F, whom we supported at court in 2017 (see the report by Public Law Project).  Because of these successes, the government had to agree to check 1.6m PIP claims on whether we are getting our full entitlements. But in many cases, women are getting letters from DWP reviewers saying “no change”, so now is the time to press your case for an increase.

The government had blocked people with mental distress from getting the top rate for mobility.  The court ruled this was discriminatory as they are not supposed to decide according to your diagnosis, and pick and choose who they think are deserving, but decide by the impact on you for daily living and mobility.  For example, on mobility needs, many of us with mental distress affecting getting out of the house and travel, were scored less than the 12 points for enhanced rate.

At the time, we blogged about the win in court, which some women immediately used successfully in their appeal at tribunal.

PIP reviews

If you want to challenge a no change, write back to the PIP team explaining the extent of your needs, before the deadline on your letter.  It’s a good idea to copy in your MP.

See these pages on the rules:

Mobility https://pipinfo.net/activities/planning-and-following-journeys

Safety and need for supervision https://pipinfo.net/issues/supervision


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