Petition: Don’t force us onto prepay meters!

Photo of an electricity meter with a prepayment key in it.

Stop energy companies forcing us onto prepayment meters — prevent illness and deaths from cold and damp!

Sign the petition by 38 Degrees here:…

The petition targets Centrica (British Gas), EDF, Eon, Ovo (SSE), Octopus and Scottish Power.

38 Degrees says:

“Since July 2021, energy suppliers have obtained more than 490,000 warrants to enter households and forcibly install prepayment meters. It’s disconnection by the back door: if you can’t top up, you get cut off.

Every single time these multi-billion pound companies install a prepayment meter, they’re making a choice to put their own customers at risk of being cut off. We say it’s time for them to put people before profit by committing to end all forced transfer to prepayment.”


See here how a disabled woman in our group successfully resisted being moved onto a prepayment meter, arguing that its use is not accessible.  This is confirmed by the Ofgem licensing rules which say that changing to prepay must be safe and reasonably practicable and companies must take account of any vulnerability of users.

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