What the Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign has done so far

  • Telling our stories in Zoom workshops and group meetings.  
  • Speaking up as disabled mothers at public meetings and policy discussions on social care, independent living, disability rights, benefits.
  • Taken part – in person or on Twitter online — in the monthly picket of the Central family court called by Support Not Separation.  And many mothers can’t be public but our experiences are represented there. See an early video of the picket on International Women’s Day, March 2017.
Logo of The independent review of children's social care, black lower case letters on a beige background.  Three coloured diamond shapes slot together at different angles.
  • Evidence to the Independent review of children’s social care (August 2021).  Read our joint testimony with Legal Action for Women/Support Not Separation.  Nearly half of the cases given concern disabled mothers. The Review put out recommendations in May 2022 — we are worried that increasing the number and involvement of social workers and other professionals, rather than providing practical support to mothers, will increase disability discrimination. More info here.
  • Evidence for the Shadow Report by disability organisations on whether the UK government is following the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In particular, Article 23Respect for home and the family, the right to found a family and be supported.
  • Talking to organisations and social care campaigns so people know more about disabled mothers, the discrimination we face, and what they can do.
  • May 2022 Local Council elections — people used our template letter to question candidates on support for mothers and children, for independent living and against homecare charges for support services.