Independent living and social care

Support Not Separation — launch

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Eileen Chubb speaks out — CQC role in poor care

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Watch Eileen’s fantastic interview where she criticises the Care Quality Commission’s involvement in poor care and betrayal of whistleblowers who go to the CQC to expose neglect and abuse.  She explains that due to privatisation, if your only demand is more money for social care, it will go to profiteer companies, not to improve care. More about Compassion in Care.

“Suffer the little children and their mothers” — Legal Action for Women

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Read Legal Action for Women’s dossier of mothers’ experiences of Social Services and the family courts.  We co-wrote the chapter on disability discrimination against mothers and children, chapter 10: LAW Dossier 18Jan17 final WinVisible is part of the “Support Not Separation” coalition which was launched in Parliament on 11 July, click here for more info and to read about the mums’ struggles.

Care charges — how Sue Ferguson, Liverpool, won for disabled women

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YouTube interview with Sue Ferguson, Liverpool

Social care — our response to Commission on Care

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To: Eva Neitzert and Pam Cole, Women’s Budget Group Belinda Phipps, Fawcett Society Juanita Elias and Shirin Rai, Warwick University We were glad to attend the launch of the PSA Commission on Care report, Towards a New Deal For Care and Carers in November, and see the shift towards recommending national provision and free care, since the seminar presentation in May 2016 which had more emphasis on self-funding future care.  Your focus on exploitation of women migrant workers is important. Obviously the social care crisis is headline news and the suffering of people dependent on … Read more

Crisis of Care — testimony to Women’s Commission 2016

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Click on this link to read our full testimony to the Commission on Care: winvisible-submission-crisis-of-care-latest

A living wage for mothers and other carers — petition

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We have been part of the independent living struggle for many years.  “Care” is devalued as something only older and disabled people need, when in reality, everyone needs care from before we are born and throughout life, we all need caring relationships and strive for a caring society.  That is, “care needs” are not just about disabled people, and should be for everyone.  For disabled women, many of us are carers for children and loved ones regardless of being disabled ourselves.  Many disabled mothers have been left by partners to cope alone, and frequently are … Read more

We won! Victory for woman told to repay £842 care money

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Natasha Cox “petrified” by care bill A WOMAN with severe brain damage and epilepsy has been ordered to repay hundreds of pounds of care payments after Town Hall officials criticised her for spending some of the money on coffee and cleaning. Natasha Cox, a former Hampstead School student who lives in Hampstead, says she is struggling to maintain her independent life because of the bureaucracy surrounding “direct payments”. The 32-year-old has received benefits paid into a bank account since 2007 and uses the money to hire carers and pay for anything that improves her health … Read more

Save the Independent Living Fund

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Disabled woman loses 48 hours’ support   Save the Independent Living Fund ILF Users Speak Out  

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