Winning PIP
Hello ladies
I heard from DWP (they now send out white envelopes!) and pleased to inform you
that I have been awarded enhanced [PIP] for both elements! I still feel in a state of
shock about it; it’s taking a while to process I must admit. None of this would have
been possible without your kind help and perseverance.  I too was anxious about
what Dr X actually said during that telephone call to IAS as she doesn’t know me that
I have attached my results.  It does go to show how much they don’t know about
Autism as I was scored 0 for communication?!  This area is one of my biggest
challenges and was the highest score in my Autism assessment.  I don’t know any
Autistic that is problem free.
I would like to donate some money to WinVisible so you can continue your valuable
Thank you and kind regards

WinVisible supported Ms S, a woman with end-stage kidney failure on
dialysis, in her fight to get full PIP.  We helped cut through the DWP’s
resistance, who were pressuring her to accept less than she actually
needs. She won over £4,000 backdated benefit. (2023)
Ms S says: “I can’t thank T and C enough for all the support they have
given me over my PIP review.  I was certain I wasn’t going to win this,
and it caused me a lot of stress.  They guided and supported me through
the whole process.  Although I’m very ill, my life has been made easier
without the worry of this hanging over me.  Thanks so much…
WinVisible and these ladies are amazing.” Read S’s story

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    A mum wrote to us after we helped her to get PIP for her teenage daughter –
    who had been scored low points by IAS (Atos) despite severe combined
    disabilities and being under Great Ormond St Hospital:

“The most amazing group of ladies we ever had the good fortune to
encounter. Genuinely caring, genuinely committed. God bless you all. S
and Z.”
Our written testimony to MPs on the Health and Social Care Select
Committee was referenced by Prof Luke Clements, University of Leeds