Tues 1 March & Wed 2 March
at the
Supreme Court

Parliament Square

London SW1P 3BD

Opp. Westminster Abbey,

corner of Victoria St.
tube logo.png Westminster

Facebook event

9.30am Vigil & photo call outside 
10.30am go in to hear the case

o  Support people hit by the bedroom tax

o  Protest against the DWP’s challenge to our recent court win

For more info contact WinVisible or Women Against Rape 020 7482 2496

Jointly called by: WinVisible (women with disabilities), Women Against Rape, Disabled People Against Cuts, Black Women’s Rape Action Project, Camden Association of Street Properties (Council tenants), Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, Gill Thompson campaigner against benefit sanctions, Hammersmith & Fulham Campaign Against Cuts, Mental Health Resistance Network, Taxpayers Against Poverty.

In January, the Court of Appeal ruled that the bedroom tax discriminates against women fleeing domestic violence who have a “panic room” in their home to take refuge in if their violent partner comes to their home, and discriminates against parents/grandparents caring for disabled children, who also need a carer to stay. 

The government immediately appealed, so all disability and domestic violence bedroom tax cases will be heard together by the Supreme Court on Tues 1 March and Wed 2 March.  They include the anonymous single mum “A” who escaped with her son from rape and other domestic violence (represented by solicitor Rebekah Carrier), the Rutherfords, grandparents of Warren, and Jayson and Jacqueline Carmichael (who is disabled), a couple who are unable to share a bedroom. 

Because bedroom tax causes a shortfall in Housing Benefit, people are pushed into dependence on claiming discretionary housing payments (DHPs) from the Council.  Paul Rutherford describes the terrible strain and uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen in future all the time and having to constantly reapply for things. 

The Vigil will highlight other bedroom tax situations -- a challenge by separated parents with shared care of children, who each need bedroom space for them, was lost in 2014; and remember Stephanie Bottrill, the grandmother driven to suicide in 2013 for fear of eviction for a £20 a week shortfall in rent.

We are determined to keep our social housing & benefits that are under attack from the government's bedroom tax and the Housing Bill. Come to the vigil to support the people in the cases and everyone hit by this cruel government policy.  Please spread the word and help to fill the court room.